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Business Park Grunwald


The services offered by the Park Company include the lease of office, commercial and storage facilities. Our unrivalled experience and commitment have helped create perfect conditions for doing business on an international level and have helped to win and enjoy the confidence of our tenants. The zone’s location (in the western district of Poznań – Grunwald) and its size (nearly 9 hectares) ensure ideal conditions for doing business.

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The BUSINESS PARK-Grunwald offers more than 4,000 m2 of office space located in the Grunwald area of Poznań and within easy reach of the city centre (6 km from the train station, 4 km from the airport). The closest tram stop is located within a 6-minute walking distance. Our offer includes office space which is tailored to the specific needs of both small and medium companies as well as large enterprises. In addition to high standard of the offices’ interior finish, a large number of parking spaces for the tenants as well as their customers is an extra advantage. Moreover, a number of amenities is available for cyclists, including specially designed lounge facilities.

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BUSINESS PARK-Grunwald also provides small and large-sized storage facilities with storage capacity up to the height of 9 m. The possibility of adapting the storage space to the individual needs of the tenants, wide internal pathways, a manoeuvring area as well as optimal location within easy reach of the Poznań city centre and a motorway (distance to the motorway junction: 7 km) meet the requirements of sound and effective logistics.

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The Park Company is a family-owned business with French capital, which has been present on the Poznań market in the same location since 1993. 50 years of experience in the management and leasing of commercial buildings, which we gained by conducting identical operations in France, has been applied to the BUSINESS PARK-Grunwald. We offer well-tailored office, commercial and storage facilities to our tenants, who may also benefit from the entire infrastructure of the BUSINESS PARK-Grunwald. The facilities and the infrastructure effectively complement the tenants’ market strategy and support their supply chain and flow of information.

We currently offer you useable floor areas and storage facilities for lease, located in the BUSINESS PARK-Grunwald business zone, in close proximity to the Poznań city centre.

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